The Church General

The Local Church

What Is The Church?

The Authority Of The Local Church 4. The Authority Of The Local Church

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part two

Church Discipline

pt 1 Instruction

pt 2 Verbal Correction 

pt 3 Excommunication

pt 4 Interpersonal Disagreements, Reconciliation, and Excommunication

Baptist Distinctives

The Baptism In The Holy Spirit

Is The Baptism In The Holy Spirit A Second Blessing, Or A Second Act Of Grace?

Materials Toward A Missionary Baptist Church Manual

Introductory Matter: Order In The Church

The Ordination of Ministers And Deacons

Sermon: The Washing Of The Saints’ Feet (Please pardon the poor quality.)

The Significance Of Baptism

Romans 6:1-7 And Baptism

The Administrator Of Baptism

Baptism, Church Membership, And Landmarkism

Notes on communion and foot washing


part 1

part 2

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