Suggested Reading

Frame “Apologetics To The Glory Of God”

Warfield “Inspiration And Authority Of The Scriptures”

Edwards “The Trinity

Pendleton “Christian Doctrine

Masters “Physicians Of Souls”

Piper “Brothers We Are Not Professionals

Steve Lawson Nehemiah 8(audio)

Watson “Body Of Divinity”

Bridges “Trusting God, Even When Life Hurts”

Masters and Whitcomb “Charismatic Illusion”

Spurgeon “Lectures To My Students”

Feed My Sheep: A Passionate Plea For Preaching

E.S. Williams “The New Calvinists”

Flavel “The Providence Of God”

Mortenson “Coming To Grips With Genesis”

Broadbent “The Pilgrim Church”

Lloyd-Jones “Preaching And Preachers”

Edwards “The End For Which God Created The World” or Piper “God’s Passion For His Glory” (Which includes the Edwards book)

Isaac Watts “Logic; Or The Right Use Of Reason”

Owen “The Glory Of Christ” abridged

Norman Geisler “Chosen But Free”

Keathley “Salvation And Sovereignty”

Lloyd-Jones “Spiritual Depression”

Piper “The Pleasures Of God”

MacArthur “How To Get The Most From God’s Word”

Geoffrey Bromiley “Historical Theology”

Edwards on “The Excellency Of Christ

Athanasius on “The Incarnation

Piper “Fifty Reasons Jesus Came To Die

Piper “Desiring God”

John Bunyan “Pilgrim’s Progress”

“Baptism And Baptisteries”

Adoniram Judson “Christian Baptism”

Bobgan “Person To Person Ministry”

Donald A Carson “The God Who Is There” (bookAudio and video

Newton & Schmucker “Elders In The Life Of The Church”

Hezekiah Harvey “The Church” & “The Pastor”

J.R. Graves “Old Landmarkism”

Bob Ross “Old Landmarkism And The Baptists”

Pendleton’s Church Manual

J.M. Pendleton “An Old Landmark Reset

Edwards “Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God” & “Heaven, A World Of Love

Randy Alcorn “Heaven”

Asahel Nettleton, The Forgotten Evangelist

Ian Murray “Revival And Revivalism”

Edersheim “Old Testament History”

David Alan Black “The New Testament”

MacArthur’s Handbook To The Bible

Strong’s Concordance

Vine’s Dictionary

Ussher’s Chronology

  1. Gresham Machen “The New Testament: An Introduction”