Romans 1- The chapter shows us that justification is by faith, and that all need it, because all have chosen to not give God glory, but have turned their worship elsewhere.

Romans 2-The chapter shows us that Jews also need justification by faith, because they do not keep the law that they were given. Paul shows that the true Jews are those who have been changed on the inside by the grace of God.

Romans 3-The apostle continues and shows that all of us are under sin, have fallen short of God’s glory; yet God told us by the prophets that HE would give us a righteousness not our own, but of Himself in Christ. Jesus died that we might be justified. This is not by our works, so we cannot boast. This shows the abiding authority of the moral law of God.

Romans 4-Abraham was justified by faith and not by works, as was David. Jesus died and rose that we, too, would be justified by faith. 

Romans 5-We are justified by faith, have peace with God, and have hope because of the love of God in Christ that satisfied God’s wrath. In Adam we die, in Christ we live. This is all of grace.

Romans 6-  Being justified, we are dead to sin and alive to God. We should thus live as such.

Romans 7-Those justified are not under the law, but died to the covenant of the law and are now alive to God. The flesh cannot keep the law. Thus the cry, “Who shall deliver me…?”

Romans 8­-answers the question at the end of chapter seven. God will deliver us. Jesus died for us, condemned sin in the flesh, rose, ascended to the Father’s right hand, intercedes for us, and is working all things for the good of His called so that God’s glorious purpose would be realized in us at the resurrection. Nothing can separate us from the justifying and glorifying love of God in Christ.

Romans 9- The chapter continues to show that it is not by the law nor by one’s genealogy that he is right with God. To be among God’s chosen is to be justified by faith.

Romans 10-Paul again explains that one needs only believe the Lord Jesus to be saved; but one needs to hear, and there needs to be one sent to preach that they might hear and believe.

Romans 11-Did God forever cast off Israel? No, the Redeemer shall return and cleanse/justify many among them. Gentiles need to be humble, as we have our standing by faith: we need not boast, because we have no goodness that makes us what we are.

Romans 12-16Being justified by faith, how should we now live? We should live as members one of another, denying self and following Christ, walking in love and not feeding the flesh. We should accept one another, as God has accepted us in CHrsit by faith. We should support the spread of the gospel (Paul intends to go to Spain and desires the Romans to help him on his way. “How shall they preach except they be sent?”) We should stand for the gospel and separate from those who cause divisions contrary to it.

Romans 16:20 It won’t be long and the  promised seed, the King of kings, Jesus Christ, will consummate His work and eternally subjugate and punish the devil. Only through Christ do we have the victory.