Biblical Inerrancy: Of Truth And Morality

6 God Scrip Inerr 2.docx   In a previous article I spoke of God as the source of truth and the ultimate standard of truth. We all live as if this were true, whether we accept the foregoing statement as true or not. We live by a standard of truth and expect others to live … Continue reading Biblical Inerrancy: Of Truth And Morality

Presuppositions And Biblical Inerrancy

5 God Scrip Inerr 1.docx "In apologetic argument, as in everything else we do, we must presuppose the truth of God's Word. We either accept God's authority or we do not, and not to do so is sin"[1]   It is supposed by some that we cannot and should not approach any issue with presuppositions. … Continue reading Presuppositions And Biblical Inerrancy